Downloads for amateur radio

General Catalogue:   Amateur products and Receivers 2018/2019   D-STAR

Base Station:   IC-7851   IC-7700   IC-7700 (Upgraded)   IC-7610   IC-7300   IC-718   /   IC-9700   IC-9100   IC-7100

Mobile:   ID-5100E   ID-4100E   IC-2730E

Handheld:   ID-51E PLUS2   IC-V80E

Receiver:   IC-R8600   IC-R30   RS-R30I_RS-R30A   IC-R6

More:   RS-BA1 Version 2

Pre information for future products:   IC-705   IC-PW2

Current models:

Base Station:   IC-7851   IC-7700   IC-7610   IC-7410   IC-7300   IC-718   IC-9700   IC-9100   IC-7100

Mobile:   ID-5100E   ID-4100E   IC-2730E

Handheld:   ID-51E_ID-51EPLUS   ID-51EPLUS2   IC-V80E

Receiver:  IC-R8600   IC-R30   IC-R6

More:   AH-4   AT-180   PS-126_PS-125   RC-28   ID-RP2C   ID-RP2V   ID-RP2000V   ID-RP4000V

Older, no longer available models:

Base Station:   IC-7800   IC-7600   IC-7200   IC-7000  

Mobile:   IC-E2820   ID-E880

Handheld:   IC-E92D

More:   IC-PW1EURO

Firmware updates and software downloads for several transceiver models and also for the remote control software you can find at

You can also download here a D-STAR repeater list for your transceiver (for selected models).

IC-7100 Repeater list   ID-51E Repeater list

Base Station:   IC-7851   IC-7700   IC-7610 (Basic)   IC-7610 (Full)   IC-7300 (Basic)   IC-7300 (Full)   IC-718   /   IC-9700 (Basic)   IC-9700 (Full)  IC-7100 (Basic)   IC-7100 (Full)

Mobile:   ID-5100E (Operation Guide)   ID-5100E (Basic)   ID-5100E (Full)   ID-4100E (Basic)   ID-4100E (Full)   ID-4100E (D-Star)   IC-2730E   IC-2730E (EXMENU items and CI-V information)

Handheld:   ID-51E PLUS2 (Basic)   ID-51E PLUS (Full)   ID-51E PLUS2 (DV Gateway)    IC-V80E (Quick Guide)   IC-V80E (Full)

Receiver:   IC-R8600 (Basic)   IC-R30 (Basic)   IC-R30 (Full)   IC-R6

Others:   RS-BA1 Version 2 (Preparations)   RS-BA1 Version 2 (Full)   RS-R8600 (Preparations)   RS-R8600 (Full)  

Looking for an Instruction manual not listed here? Please kindly check this website: