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    We repair your radio equipment. Thus, we help you to extend the life cycle of these items and to conserve resources. Therefore, we offer a repair service through our dealers.

    Please proceed as follows:

    Bring or send the affected item to your specialist dealer
    Express your wish for repair and attach a detailed description of the fault.

    We ask for your understanding that we cannot accept direct repairs.
    These will be returned to you.

    ■ Caution in case of swelled battery packs

    The battery cells may deteriorate and swell due to their characteristics if used in an environment and conditions such as: frequently charged, recharged immediately after full charge, used or saved in a hot place, or charged by methods other than the instructions.

    If the battery pack swells, it has reached the end of its life due to deterioration. Replace it with a brand new one.

    How to make all reset for IP503H

    How to check the selected network &select a specific network for the IP503H

    How to make all reset for IP730D

    How to make all reset for IP501M