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General Catalogue Marine Products*: Edition 2023

VHF Marine Mobile Transceiver:   IC-M605EURO   IC-M510E   IC-M423GE   IC-M330GE  
VHF Marine Blackbox Transceiver:   IC-M510BB /IC-M410BB   IC-M400BBE
VHF Marine Handheld Transceiver:   IC-M94DE   IC-M73EURO   IC-M37E   IC-M25EURO   /   IC-M87 (ATEX)   IC-M85E
GMDSS Marine Transceiver: IC-GM1600E
AIS Transponder:   MA-510TR
MF/HF Transceiver:   IC-M804
Radar: MR-1010RII

*(some products shown might not be offered)

Current Declarations of Conformity (DoC) of our products are available for download on

At this point selected instruction manuals (PDF file) are available for download.
VHF Marine Mobile Transceiver:   IC-M605EURO  IC-M510E    IC-M423GE   IC-M330GE   /   HM-195B   HM-229B
VHF Blackbox Marine Transceiver:   IC-M510BB/IC-M410BB   IC-M400BBE
VHF Marine Handheld transceiver:   IC-M94DE   IC-M73EURO   IC-M37E   IC-M25EURO   /   IC-M85E   IC-M87 (ATEX)
AIS Transponder:   MA-510TR
MF/HF Transceiver:   IC-M804   IC-M804 (channel list 1)   IC-M804 (channel list 2)
GMDSS Handheld:  IC-GM1600E
Radar: MR-1010RII   MR-1010RII (OG)

Dimension Guide: VHF Mobile Type Transceiver   MF/HF Type Transceiver

English manuals of all models are available on

Marine Equipment Directive
EC Type Examination Module B

Marine Equipment Directive
QS – Certificate of Assessment – EC (Module D)