IC-F1100D / IC-F2100D SERIE

IC-F1100D / IC-F2100D SERIE

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VHF- und UHF-DIGITAL-Hhandheld units

Compact, waterproof (IP67), digital / analog industrial radios based on the IC-F1000_F2000 series. Ideally suitable u.a. for analogue use and later digital migration!



Big on Audio, Small on Size 1500 mW Class Leading Audio
Die digitalen Handfunkgerate IC-F1100D und IC-F2100D IDAS™ übertreffen die Leistungsparameter der Modelle IC-F1000D und IC-F2000D und sind der neue Standard der digitalen Kommunikation. Mit einer klassenbesten Audioleistung von 1500 mW und einem entsprechenden Lautsprecher bieten sie ausgezeichnete Verständlichkeit.
The IC-F1100D and IC-F2100D IDAS™ digital handheld units improve on the past performance of the IC-F1000D and IC-F2000D as well as setting a new standard in digital communication. This model continues Icom’s reputation for high power audio clarity with a leading edge 1500 mW speaker.

These compact handheld radios are also waterproof, dustproof and come with a long lasting battery for those times when communication matters. The digital handheld units are available in three designs which are Simple version with no display or keypad (IC-F1100D & IC-F2100D), simple keypad and display version (IC-F1100DS & IC-F2100DS) and Full keypad and display version (IC-F1100DT & IC-F2100DT).

Special Features
• Icom’s custom high power handling capacity speaker for 1500 mW of powerful audio
• Compact, waterproof durable design (IP67/55/54 and MIL-STD-810-G)
• Over-the-Air Alias (OAA) function displays the caller’s name without programming
(IC-F1100DT/DS and IC-F2100DT/DS only)
• AquaQuake™ function clears any water ingress that may penetrate the speaker grill of the unit
• Motion/Stationary detection, Man Down and Lone Worker functions
• Operating time of up to 18 hours with the supplied battery (BP-280)
• IDAS™ conventional and Type-D single-site trunking

General Features
• 136–174, 350–400, 400–470, 450–512, 450–520 MHz versions
• 128 Channels / 8 Zones (for LCD types)
• 16 Channels (for non-display types)
• Icom’s customized speaker offers a louder 1500 mW audio output
• An engineered casing that amplifies and improves acoustic sound clarity
• Compact (52.2 (W) × 111.8 (H) mm; 2.1 × 4.4 in) and lightweight
• IP67/55/54 waterproof and dust-tight protection
• Tested to 12 categories of MIL-STD-810-G environmental tests
• AquaQuake™ – Expels water ingress from the speaker grill
• DTMF autodial memories
• 16-position rotary selector and ON/OFF volume knob
• Programmable keys – Increase the number of programmable key assignments by using the “Shift key”
• Operating times of up to 18 hours (with the supplied BP-280 battery pack)
• Eight character alphanumeric display (for LCD types)
• Three color LED

Operating Mode
• NXDN or dPMR Mode 1/Mode 2 conventional
• NXDN or dPMR multi-site conventional over IP network
• NXDN Type-D single-site trunking
• Analog mode
• Analog/digital mixed operation (conventional mode)

Digital Functions (Voice and Data)
• AMBE+2™-Vocoder
• Over-the-Air Alias (OAA) displays the caller’s name without programming (for LCD types)
• Individual, Group and All call
• Late entry for Group call
• Status call and Polling
• Short data messages (for LCD types)
• Call alert (NXDN)
• Radio check (RX only) (NXDN)
• GPS position capabilities (requires HM-171GPW)
• Up to 500 ID numbers for IDAS or MDC 1200 signaling system can be saved in the Call List to show the alias name

Analog Functions
• CTCSS and DTCS tone
• 2-Tone and 5-Tone
• MDC functions*; PTT ID, Emergency (TX/RX), Radio check (RX), Stun (RX), Revive (RX)
• BIIS PTT ID transmission

Safety and Security
• Digital voice scrambler (Low level encryption)
• Radio Stun/Revive/Kill (RX only)
• Remote monitor (NXDN)/ambience listening (dPMR)
• Man down, Lone worker and Emergency call key capability
• Motion and Stationary detection function
• Surveillance function temporarily turns OFF the beep and LED indicator
• Power ON password (for LCD types)

Scan Functions
• Priority scan monitors one or two priority channels while scanning non-priority channels
• Voting scan automatically selects the optimal repeater site
• Mode dependent scan automatically changes the scan list, depending on the operating channel
• Power ON scan function
• Talk Back timer

Voice/Audio Functions
• Kanalansage
• VOX-Funktion für den freihändigen Betrieb
• Sirenenton beim Sicherheitsalarm

Supplied accessories: Battery Pack BP-280 | Belt Clip MB-133 | Antenna | Charger BC-213 | Power supply BC-123SE

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