IC-F1000 / IC-F2000 SERIES

IC-F1000 / IC-F2000 SERIES

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VHF and UHF-Handhald radio

The analogue radio series, available in many variants – according to your requirements!

Compact and slim case, IP67 waterproof and lots of useful features…




The model variants

IC-F1000T – VHF-Handheld radio with 10-key keyboard
IC-F1000S – VHF-Handheld radio with reduced keyboard
IC-F1000 – VHF-Handheld radio without display and front keyboard

IC-F2000T – UHF-Handheld radio with 10-key keyboard
IC-F2000S – UHF-Handheld radio with reduced keyboard
IC-F2000 – UHF-Handheld radio without display and front keyboard

Compact, waterproof durable design (IP67 and MIL-STD-810-G)
All handheld radios of the IC-F1000_F2000 series are extremely flat with a depth of only 24.5 mm. IP67 means they can be immersed in 1 meter deep water for up to 30 minutes without being damaged. The dust-proof construction prevents the ingress of dust, sand, etc.

Enhanced emergency safety with built-in motion/stationary detection sensor
The built-in motion sensor registers the location of the handheld radio, movements and, in particular, idle states so that emergency call signals can be sent. In addition, the sensor can detect when the user – e.g. on the run or in pursuit – run. The lone worker and man-down functions are programmable.

Good communication even in noisy environment
From the large 36mm loudspeaker you can clearly hear the signals of the other station, for which 800 mW * NF are available. The BTL amplifier doubles the NF power, so you can understand the language well even in strong noise.
*typical on the int. loudspeaker

Language inverter
The built-in voice inverter makes it difficult for third parties to listen in to the radio traffic, up to 16 codes can be selected.

Standard battery pack for 14 hours of operation
The supplied Li-ion battery pack BP-279 (7.2 V DC, 1485 mAh) is waterproof and last for 14 hours *.
* Tx: Rx: stand-by = 5: 5: 90, battery saver on

Quiet stand-by and more
The Ic-F1000_F2000 series features 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS and DTCS signaling for group communication and selective calling.

MDC 1200 compatible
The following MDC features are programmable: PTT-ID | Emergency call (without sending confirmations) | Radio-Check and Stun-Revive (only RX) | Sending status messages; Alias table with 100 entries (only with model variants with display)

Channel Annunciation
When turning the channel selector, the handhelds will announce the respective channel number (in English). This is useful if you have no view of the device.

Other features
8 DTMF automatic selection memory | BIIS PTT ID and Emergency Call | “Shift key” function increases the number of programmable key assignments | Monitoring function | Rising alarm sound | Optional water-protected speaker microphone HM-168LWP available.

Supplied accessories
Li-ion battery pack BP-280| Fast Charger BP-213 (including power supply BC123SE) | Belt Clip MB-133 | antenna

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