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Active Noise Cancelling Technology and Built-in GPS for Simple Installation

VHF Marine Transceiver



Intuitive User Interface and White Backlit LCD and Keypad
Incorporating Icom’s common Marine Family User Interface designed for simple, intuitive operation. A rotary selector and directional keypad provide quick and easy access to the intended functions. The high contrast white backlit LCD and laser-cut keypad match well with modern boat designs.

Active Noise Cancelling
The built-in active noise cancelling provides superb performance. It reduces background noise up to 90% in the received signal and 30% in the transmits signal.

10 W Loud Audio, Public Address and Foghorn
The IC-M423GE has a built-in 10 W amplifier that increases the audio output to an external PA speaker. The public address function allows you to make an announcement from the microphone like a loud speaker, the foghorn can also be emitted from the external PA speaker.

Built-in Class D DSC
The built-in DSC watch function monitors Ch. 70 (DSC channel) activity, even while you are receiving another channel. DSC functions include: distress, individual, group, all ships, urgency, safety, position request/report, polling request and DSC test calls.

Built-in GPS Receiver

Supplied GPS antenna

The built-in GPS receiver shows your current position, date/time and can be used for DSC calls. The GPS data source is selectable from internal and external GPS.

Optional White Backlit CommandMic™ HM-195GB
The optional white backlit CommandMic makes it convenient for using the IC-M423GE from a separate cabin or tower. All functions of the IC-M423GE can be controlled from the CommandMic and can be used as an intercom with the IC-M423GE.

AIS Target Call with MA-510TR/MA-500TR
When connected to the optional MA-510TR/MA-500TR Class B AIS transponder, the AIS target call function allows you to make an individual DSC call without having to manually input an MMSI number.

Other Features
Simple remote control speaker-microphone, HM-205B (same as supplied) | NMEA 0183 connectivity | AquaQuake™ draining function | IPX7 waterproof protection (1m depth for 30 minutes) | Dual/tri-watch function for monitoring Ch.16 and/or call channel | Priority and normal scan | MMSI code can be entered by end user (one time), ATIS-ID programming has to be activated by the dealer first

Registration / reference number. the Federal Network Agency
On the basis of changed European regulations, no allocation of such numbers by the competent national authority takes place any more. However, as usual, you can rely on our products to comply with European directives. The individual, boat-related registration of your radio device please contact the Federal Network Agency or your national authority.


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