Amateur Base Station

  •   New 144, 430/440, 1200, 2400, 5600 MHz +10 GHz ALL MODE TRANSCEIVER

    Aim Higher! VHF, UHF, and Explore the World of Microwave

  • Digital Repeaters D-STAR DV/DD* and FM Mode Compatible All-in-One Package Digital Repeater

  • IC-705

    1.623,99 UVP inkl. MwSt.

    “Base Station” performance and features in the palm of your hand.

  • IC-9700

    2.193,97 UVP inkl. MwSt.

    Visually capture the VHF / UHF world

    High-Speed Real-Time Spectrum Scope, Waterfall Display, and Built-in 1200 MHz! This Supreme VHF/UHF Transceiver Provides a Brand New Experience!  
  • IC-7100

    1.579,69 UVP inkl. MwSt.


    The new IC-7100 is a compact all-mode transceiver with a redesigned slanted touch-screen display and comes standard with D-STAR DV-Mode The IC-7100 is completely redesigned and consistently designed! This makes mobile communication even more popular and offers more and more radio amateurs the opportunity for digital communication. With its compactness and the use of contemporary technologies we address not only experienced radio amateurs, but also beginners in the amateur radio field.  
  • IC-7300

    1.508,78 UVP inkl. MwSt.

    Experience shortwave again!

    IC-7300 – The Innovative HF Transceiver with High Performance Real-Time Spectrum Scope.  
  • IC-7610

    3.880,79 UVP inkl. MwSt.

    RF Direct Sampling Takes You to the Next Level with Advanced RMDR and True Dual Receive

    The result of extraordinary experiences!  


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