Announcement of the new ID-50E amateur radio

The new ID-50E amateur radio will be available soon


We are please to announce that the new ID-50E VHF/UHF dual band handheld digital transceiver is scheduled to be launched in July/August this year. 



  • VHF/UHF dual band handheld digital transceiver
  • Global communication reach using the D-STAR network
  • Easy D-STAR settings help beginners
  • Terminal Mode and Access Point Mode *¹
  • Share Picture function *² with the ST-ID50A/W picture utility software
  • VHF Airband and FM broadcast receiver capability
  • Band Scope with Waterfall display
  • Dualwatch function of VHF/VHF, VHF/UHF, UHF/UHF (in contrast to the ID-52E no DV/DV)
  • Almost all of the optional accessories for ID-52E/ID-51E/ID-31E series can be shared


※Price is to be announced in the near future.


Terminal and Access point modes are compatible with the Icom RS-RP3 Gateway Software. If your D-STAR repeater is running G1 or G2 software, ask the repeater administrator to contact the local Icom Distributor to upgrade the software. You need an internet connection with an IPv4 Global IP address. If you use a cellular system, you need an IPv4 Global IP address assigned to your Android™ device. The RS-MS3W optional software is required to be installed on your PC (Download here). The RS-MS3WA optional application software is required to be installed on Android™ devices (Download on Google Play™).
Share picture function requires the optional software ST-ID50A (Download on Google Play™) or ST-ID50W (will be downloadable on the Icom Japan website).



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