Icom was founded in 1964 and today, April 10th 2024, we are celebrating 60 years of history. In order to commemorate this special date, we introduce you the 60 anniversary logo and the meaning behind it.


This logo was designed and selected by Icom employees.

The three arches above the zero represent Icom’s core activity, “wireless communications”.

The connected design of the numbers 6 and 0 forms the symbol of ∞ (infinity), symbolizing unlimited potential and possibilities for our future.

Two corporate colors (Black and Icom red) are being used.

Finally, the simple design resembles the “mizuhiki” shape, which is a traditional Japanese art form of knot-tying commonly used in celebrations.


Stay tuned because Icom will develop several initiatives during this fiscal year to commemorate our 60th anniversary. To begin with, you can visit the special 60th anniversary webpage… Starting today!