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Real-time Voice Communication Tool that Instantly Connects You with Your Team


Scalable System Using Wireless LAN Network
Deploying wireless access points over an IP network, the WLAN radio system can expand the communication range.

License-Free Communication
The WLAN radio uses common wireless LAN network frequencies, which do not need communication fees for running the system.

Communication with Dispersed Sites
When connected over the Internet VPN, an WLAN radios can communicate between dispersed sites.

Simultaneous TalkListen Function
The WLAN radio provides full duplex communication like a telephone conversation and one-to-many communication. TalkListen works with or without external headset.

IP110H Features
・All, Group, Talkgroup, Individual and Telephone Calls
・1000 mW loud audio from internal speaker
・Optional Bluetooth® headset, VS-3
・IP67 / IP54 waterproof and dust-tight
・Battery can be charged through the USB Type-C™ cable
・More than 20 hours of operating time (Tx 1: Rx 1: Stand-by 8 duty ratio)
・WPA2, WPA-Enterprise security

Other features
・Audio is recorded for instant review
・Vibration alert function
・Motion/Stationary detection, man down and lone worker functions
・Over-the-Air programming
・Compatible with the IP100H WLAN radio

Supplied Accessories
OPC-2480 USB charger cable, MBB-1 belt clip

Further information can be found in the download area
Including details of of the whole WLAN Radio System, like the required Controller IP1000C or RoIP-Gateway VE-PG4 and of the optional Dispatcher Application IP100FS.


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