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Simple VPN Router for Radio over IP Supports IP Multicast Routing


  • Up to 32 Multi-site VPN Tunnels with 1000BASE-T-Gigabit-Ethernet
    Broadband IP connection is required for connection to the Internet.
  • 3DES, AES-128, AES-192 or AES-256 encryption
  • IPsec assistent provides easy step-by-step instructions
  • Couples dPMR ™ mode 2-, analog radio systems and IP advanced radio systems
  • Possibility to connect IP phones and PSTN lines
  • 55/5000 Crossband and cross-category connectivity
  • Megafones, sirens, warning lights and other external devices can be connected
  • Optional software RC-FS10 for virtual PC dispatcher station

Other features
RoIP and SIP gateway functions | Direct calls from radios possible * (* only for radios with DTMFF functionality) | Optional digital voice converter CT-24 uses analogue radio signals and G.711-μ-law- Codec for IDAS radio systems in AMBE + 2 ™ codec by | Virtual serial port function for remote control connected radios or external devices over the IP network from the PC | IP router function: PPPoE / IPv6 Bridge, NAT, Dynamic DNS, VPN Tunnel, IP Filter, SNMP and SYSLOG | USB memory can be connected for firmware updates and data backup | Site-to-site bridge mode communication over IP network | Site-to-multisite bridge-mode communication over IP multicast network | Mixing audio for bridge mode

Supplied Accessories
Power Supply BC-207S | Ferrite hinged core | Replacement Quick Connector | CD with software

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